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Advertising service for the Molto Bene hotel and restaurant

Comprehensive advertising service

Molto Bene located nearby, based in Skórcz, has recently joined the wide group of our clients from the HORECA sector and we are very pleased to be able to boast about this cooperation. In terms of its services, the company has not only a hotel and restaurants, but also a SPA and many attractions for children.


We can safely say that Molto Bene thinks about advertising in a very sensible way.  When planning the advertising budget, a lot of attention was paid to the implementation of the loyalty program , which is why we were commissioned to design not only very obvious materials, such as leaflets, business cards or menus, but the list of products to be implemented also included vouchers and cards for regular customers. We perfectly understand these activities and support them one hundred percent, and whoever works with us knows that we constantly fight our clients, that we cannot ignore activities concerning existing customers, because acquiring new ones is the most expensive.


The design process was not the shortest, the aim was to achieve very specific results, which was associated with numerous modifications at the stage of their implementation, but sometimes it is unavoidable – we do not count the time, we want the client to be fully satisfied with the final result that’s why we design without a limit of modifications. The printing itself was quick and efficient, with the highest quality of print and media for it.


To say that the last year and a half has been a big challenge for the catering and hotel industry is like saying nothing. Unfortunately, we had to wait a long time for the official opening of the gardens. We keep our fingers crossed for the successes and wish all our clients associated with HORECA that the following months and years will be free from unpleasant surprises.

Menu dla restauracji Molto Bene
Vouchery podarunkowe dla molto bene

Scope of work:

  • Graphic designs of business cards, loyalty cards
  • Graphical layout of the menu, folded leaflets and vouchers
  • Realization of prints for the aforementioned projects
  • Printing and design of self-adhesive labels for jars
  • Making advertising flags

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