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Billboard campaign for Galeria Neptun

Billboard campaign

Billboards are a traditional way of advertising, but it by no means means that offline campaigns have to be boring and ineffective. When creating this type of advertisement, we always try to design according to the „the less is more” policy. However, in order for it to be reflected in effectiveness, we know that despite a short message, advertising should speak for itself between the lines , and in turn, to achieve this, you almost always need courage and a creative idea.


For many years, Galeria Neptun has entrusted us with its image in many respects, offering its full trust, which we very effectively transform into billboard designs that do not let us forget about ourselves and preserve the existence of the brand in the minds of recipients. A simple and humorous message, as well as eye-catching, aesthetic, well-integrated graphics are here, combined with each other, a very effective means that helps to achieve this effect.


The client was satisfied, and the viewers – sometimes amused, sometimes even dismayed, but that’s the point, because when they think about shopping, thanks to the expanded awareness of the brand, there is a great chance that they will involuntarily think of the thought „Well, Galeria Neptun – that’s where I will go shopping! „


Client:  Galeria Neptun in Starogard Gdański

Billboard black firday galeria neptun
Billboard świąteczny Galeria Neptun

Scope of work:

  • Brainstorming to establish a concept for each implementation
  • Designing unique occasional billboards
  • Preparation of files for printing
  • Create a visualization

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