Long-term service of the M3 real estate office

Comprehensive advertising service

Our cooperation with the M3 real estate office has been going on since 2013, when we had the pleasure to meet for the first time on the occasion of the implementation of the first website, and continues to this day, and in the meantime it has acquired a very comprehensive dimension. It is a long time, so it will not surprise anyone that a factual website has had time to change since then, but the fact that creating a new one, equipped with a dedicated search system, was also entirely on our side!



M3 is one of the largest companies in this sector in the county, but also a great partner. Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of implementing such a large number of projects, products and prints together that it would be impossible to list them all. The invoices include items for virtually  all departments of our company : programming, promotion, graphics, printing, advertising systems, assembly, and advertising gadgets. We appreciate M3 very much for the fact that whenever it needs advertising support, it remembers us. We also remember this fact and keep it in mind, exercising the highest possible diligence in all projects. 



Our goal as a 360-degree agency has always been to make companies with whom we have managed to cooperate at least once, in any aspect of advertising, aware that we can help them regardless of their need. Our main task is to be able to provide full service to each of our partners.  We are very happy when a returning customer asks us if we can provide him with a service or advertising product before looking for it elsewhere. Usually the answer to this question is  „Yes, we can!”  and we are happy to repay them with attractive price offers. 


We encourage all our clients to benefit from the full service provided by our agency. 

Flagi reklamowe dla biura nieruchomości M3
Projekt i oklejanie aut dla biura nieruchomości M3
Projekt i wykonanie billboardu dla biura nieruchomości M3

Scope of work:

  • Graphic designs from A to Z
  • Realization of both websites, the previous and the new one after many years
  • Creating posts for social media and their promotion
  • Production of advertising flags
  • Production and assembly of window films
  • Production and installation of stickers for bus stops
  • Implementation of calendars 
  • Production of billboards
  • Car branding
  • Making advertising gadgets
  • Preparation of pop-ups

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