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Comprehensive advertising service for the Medpharma clinic

Professional advertising service

Sometimes you can come across companies whose offer width is really impressive – and in this case it is not about our 360-degree agency, although a little bit too, but more between the lines. It is about Medpharme, one of the largest medical facilities in Kociewie , which has also been one of our clients for many years, which we are proud to be proud of.

Medpharma has its own hospital, rehabilitation center, pharmacy, care and treatment facility, and as far as everyone knows that it deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, not everyone has heard that it also conducts fitness classes and SPA. 

Such a wide offer gives even wider advertising opportunities, and even demands these promotional activities to reach the full potential, so it is not surprising that this client places so much emphasis on advertising materials in the form of traditional prints, such as leaflets, brochures or physical banners, but also those for use on the web , such as web banners, post graphics for social media, or pop-ups. 

We always first make sure that everything we design is consistent in terms of image, visually attractive and practical – then we make sure that the prints also represent their level of workmanship, the quality of services that a given brand has to offer, so we do not save on the production park and we use machines that ensure the highest standards. We would like to thank Medpharma for having been with us for years and so eagerly entrust us with work on its image.

Projekty ulotek dla Medpharma
Posty na facebooka - fanpage Medpharma

Scope of work:

  • Creating a graphic design for posts to social media
  • Graphic design of basic advertising materials
  • Creating banners for use on the Internet
  • Printing of leaflets, banners, brochures
  • Design and implementation of advertisements at bus stops
  • And a lot more!

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