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Graphic designs for the AZE store

Graphic design

Not so long ago, we had the pleasure to support graphically one of the most popular online stores with electronic gadgets: aze.com.pl! 


The ordering party wanted to refresh the look of its e-commerce with neat, eye-catching web banners. We were provided with very good photos of products and inspiration, on the basis of which we have prepared several promotional graphics to be used alternately on the main page of the store.


In order to distinguish yourself from the competition, you cannot ignore any details that may affect the overall perception of the whole. AZE is guided by professionalism and does not ignore even the smallest aesthetic aspects of its purchasing platform. We believe that a comprehensive approach is a solid foundation for success, which makes an investment in a professionally prepared visual setting a very right step to use part of the advertising budget. 


If we are talking about the visual setting – „man does not live by the store alone” . Especially with our own distribution, the same rules apply to how we pack the product that we sell in this store. For this reason, in addition to banners, we were also asked to design several packages for the smart home service systems that AZE is famous for.


Thank you for your trust and we encourage you to extend our cooperation to other sectors of our activity in the future! 

Pudełka AZE

Scope of work:

  • Graphic design of web banners
  • Creating graphic designs for packaging

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