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Graphic design

It is always a nice feeling for us to boast about cooperation in the field of advertising services for the company whose services we have been using for years. This is also the case with this client. According to a popular proverb, it is also proof that sometimes the world can really be small! 


IQ PL is one of the few companies on the Polish market that provides advanced Data Center services along with administration, while maintaining the highest standards of infrastructure and security, the best recommendation of which is probably the company’s cooperation with corporations such as Microsoft or DELL. 


The first order we received from this contractor was to prepare a professional multimedia presentation to be used in the form of a slide. It had to be coherent, legible, but most of all – very visually attractive. According to the client, we met all these conditions at the highest level, which resulted in new orders. In this way, we had the pleasure to design many company catalogs. There were also smaller projects – such as post graphics to be used on Facebook or other social media.


We consider cooperation with IQ very fruitful. We like the visual identity of the company, in which our graphic designers feel very comfortable and perfectly translate it into creative projects. We hope that the cooperation will continue, and perhaps it will be possible to extend it to other segments of our activity.

Projekt graficzny katalogów - IQ PL
Projekt posta do mediów społecznościowych

Scope of work:

  • Create a professional presentation for slide presentation
  • Preparing a post for social media
  • Professional graphic design of several catalogs

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