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Graphic service for the Balticon and Eco Containers brands

Graphics support

We are very pleased to announce that among our clients for constant graphic service, for some time now there is also the Balticon Group – a real giant on the European market of containers and refrigerated transport! 


The idea of ​​permanent graphic service is to be ready for a situation in which the client will need professional design support more or less urgently. Using our very comprehensive range of services in this area guarantees visual consistency regardless of the nature of the product. We are glad that such large companies willingly entrust us with their image, which after all consists of so many factors.


We can prepare a graphic design for every thing that you can imagine – they can be printing materials, gadgets, virtual products, graphics for use on the Internet, and we used to prepare spatial visualizations of offices if the client wanted us to prepare it, and not someone else, although it might seem to be more of an interior architect’s plot – we made it, so we give our word that we are very flexible!

Internet projects

For the Balticon and EcoContainers brands, in addition to standard print projects – from Christmas cards, through leaflets, to large-format billboards, we have also had the opportunity to design, among others, graphics for posts on social media and aesthetically looking mailings addressed to the group’s clients.


If the advertising budget allows it, it is always worth investing in both traditional form and internet activities. Such hybrid activities give the best results and very effectively improve recognition and strengthen the company’s position on the market.

Projekt mailingu Balticon
Projekty billboardów Balticon

Scope of work:

  • Getting to know the visual identification of the client
  • Graphic design for print on request – incl. flyers, billboards
  • Create graphic concepts for social media posts
  • Graphical preparation of mailings
  • Permanent availability in case of urgent project realizations

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