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Logotype and website for openSPACE

Implementation of the logotype

We are pleased to announce that the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences has joined the group of our clients!


We have made a logotype with a visual identification book for the openSPACE project , ie „a repository of high value open data from Earth and space observation” . The program assumes that data will be made available free of charge to all interested persons in the public sector via the Internet, however, not only for domestic purposes, but also for international purposes. By enabling access to such a large amount of data obtained for years by complicated apparatus, the project is of unimaginable value for the world of science.


We are most happy to boast about those projects, the implementation of which we enjoy the most, and it was no different in the case of openSPACE. After conducting a careful research of the industry and consulting with the client, we presented four main, unique concepts of the mark. The ordering party liked the direction we chose and leaned towards one of the versions, which was then refined by preparing five variants based on it, focusing on different details. Finally – it can be said that the effect our designers achieved is „cosmic” not only literally but also figuratively!  

Website implementation

The order, apart from creating a logotype with a visual identification book, also assumed the execution of a website by the contractor. It might seem that the logotype and the website are two different things and in fact, very often you have to go for them to two different companies if both are to be made at the highest level, while the range of professional  services that we can offer as a 360 ° Agency  is extensive, and we treat this type of synergy as a big benefit for branding, which can be even more consistent thanks to us.

Wizualizacja przykładowej strony WWW dla openSPACE
Budowa logotypu openSPACE
Papier firmowy openSPACE

Scope of work:

  • Getting to know the purpose of the project, brainstorming on the basis of keywords
  • Verification of the competition market in terms of the mark to ensure uniqueness
  • Creation of four main logotype proposals
  • Preparation of five variants based on the main version selected by the customer
  • Creating a book of visual identification
  • Establishment of the openSPACE website

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