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Implementation of the logotype for the STARDENT dental center

Logo design for local business

We always say that the local client is as important to us as every nationwide giant or international joint-stock company, which is why we intend to describe these smaller projects here, but very close to our heart – because if it were not for the trust of these hundreds of companies from Starogard poviat, we do not know if we would be in the place where we are  today  .  We remember our roots!

Stardent contacted us about the most important element of the company’s visual creation – the logotype. In this case, the client chose a basic package that does not include the preparation of a visual identity book, which is quite natural in this case. We are aware that some industries  print advertising materials more sporadically than others, and yet companies representing them would like to have a professional logo, although they do not feel the need to create the entire brand book. We have variants of branding services for such situations, thanks to which the client receives only what he really needs in the highest quality, without overpaying.

Always before the implementation of the logotype, the graphic department conducts brainstorming and market research.

In the case of Stardent, two of our designers prepared a total of about eight character proposals, some of which were finally excluded by ourselves during internal consultations. Ultimately, the client received three, the best, high-quality, unique graphic proposals. It turned out that we managed to perfectly hit expectations! 


Client:  STARDENT Dental Center in Starogard Gdański

Stardent, wizualizacja materiałów reklamowych
Stardent, wizualizacja z przykładowym zastosowaniem logo

Scope of work:

  • Creation of a mind map by the graphic department in order to determine the paths of inspiration
  • Market verification to ensure uniqueness
  • Preparation of several variants of the sign concept for the customer’s choice
  • Development of a vertical version based on a selected concept
  • Save the logo in all necessary formats for use by the customer
  • Creating additional visualizations of sample advertising materials

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