Logotype, Product Photos, Graphic Designs and Website for Telmax Manufacturing and Trading Company


For the Telmax Manufacturing and Trading Company , and more specifically their Korona brand , a logo has been prepared that looks amazing on the products of this brand. After the logotype was made, our cooperation was expanded to include further marketing activities related to the development of the brand. 


Graphic design

As part of the cooperation , we prepared graphic designs for products . These graphics included designs such as boxes :

  • Crown Slim: 120, 250, 500, 1000
  • Slim Menthol crown: 125, 250, White 250, Pink 120
  • Slim Carbon Crown: 120 with carbon filter
  • King Size Crown: 100, 200, 300, 550, 1000
  • Crown King Size De Luxe 1000
  • King Size Menthol De Luxe 200 crown
  • Korona Short 50 tissue paper
  • Korona King Size Slim tissue papers 32


  • Korona King Size nailer (logo)
  • Korona Slim loading machine (logo)
  • Korona Cigarette Roller (logo)
  • Korona cigarette case


  • Crown Cleaner
  • Mouthpiece Crown Menthol Holder
  • Crown With A Mint Letter

In addition to the designs of the products themselves, a catalog and UX design for the website was made .

A catalog with products is something that every company needs  with a diversified assortment. This helps your customers make a choice when making a purchase in your store. 

The Polish version of the catalog  can be downloaded from the  official website of the Korona brand :  https://telmax.info.pl/

Product Pictures

We also took product photos , which can be found in the catalog or on the website at the following addresses:

The photos were taken in a shade-free tent , thanks to which you can clearly see each element of the packaging or the product itself. After the photos were taken, they were cut out so that they could be used in any place and on any background chosen by the client. 

Web page

The website has been designed and made by us from scratch, which makes it unique and one of a kind. The Korona brand website looks very modern and effective . After the first visit to the website, you can feel the professional performance.

On the website, of course, there is no shortage of language selection , which is slowly becoming a standard. This is due to the willingness to develop companies outside Poland and the desire to understand and reach people who do not use the Polish language. It is a great help for foreign customers and is something worth implementing on almost every website . 

Korona’s official website https://telmax.info.pl/

Scope of work:

  • Preparation of the Logotype
  • Preparation of graphic designs of boxes and packaging for products
  • Taking product photos
  • Implementation of the graphic design of the catalog
  • Implementation of the graphic design of the website
  • Website implementation
  • Introduction of an additional language on the website
  • Security and optimization of the website