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Logo design with a visual identity book

Graphic design of the logo with the brand book

We have already implemented several projects related directly to health care, so this time we decided to use our experience by starting an inquiry regarding a visual identification project along with the creation of a brand book, for the project entitled „Prevention of tick-borne diseases”. The ordering party was the  Independent Public Provincial Specialist Hospital in Chełm. The choice of the offer was largely influenced by the experience supported by other projects. Since we are writing about it, it is not difficult to deduce – we won and it was our responsibility to design a logo for this ambitious program.


Prevention is the most effective alternative to treatment. In the case of tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, the health effects can be particularly long-lasting and often even life-threatening, which is why it is so important to educate about prevention. In order for such an educational plan to be more effective, the appropriate visual setting of the content conveyed is extremely important. For this reason, it was necessary to create not only a logotype, but also a professional book of visual identification, which guarantees the consistency of materials. 


After researching the market and thoroughly verifying the nature of the client’s business and its guidelines, we started to create the mark. After creating a few attractive, but clearly unique, graphic concept proposals, the client decided on one, which was then even more refined. A second variant, levels , was also created to ensure greater flexibility in design , and on their basis a book was prepared that describes in detail the issues of, inter alia, such as logo construction, symbolism, proportions, color components, possible uses and unauthorized modifications. Effect? The customer is satisfied, and in our opinion – the implementation is worth praising. 


We enriched the book with visualizations of exemplary printing materials, such as posters or leaflets.


Client:  Independent Public Provincial Specialist Hospital in Chełm

Logo, Borelioza - wizualizacja na zielonym tle
Budowa Logo - Profilaktyka Chorób Odkleszczowych
Przykładowa wizualizacja - Borelioza, Profilaktyka Chorób Odkleszczowych
Profilaktyka Chorób Odkleszczowych - kolorsytyka
Kleszcz - wizualizacja, Profilaktyka Chorób Odkleszczowych

Scope of work:

  • Getting to know the purpose of the project, brainstorming on the basis of keywords
  • Verification of the market in terms of the mark to ensure uniqueness
  • Creation of several main logotype proposals
  • Polishing the logo design chosen by the client
  • Creating a book of visual identification
  • Creation of additional visualizations

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