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Online store for the HEVEN brand

Implementation of an online store

It is not often that a client has such a perfectly conceived vision of brand creation and pursuit of the goal as HEVEN . You can see here the meticulous translation of the philosophy into all activities – from building a store to marketing. Usually, we deal with both the graphic design and implementation, but here the client knew perfectly well what the store should look like and it would be an unnecessary formality. We simply took care of transforming his vision into the source code of the website as accurately as possible.


HEVEN is a streetwear brand with principles. All products are manufactured in the European Union by trained, full-time specialists in an exclusive nearby studio and in fair working conditions, where the emphasis is on hygiene, clearly regulated working hours and fair wages. Sewing workers are not subjected to stress or degradation, as is unfortunately the case in many countries famous for their cheap textile industry. All employees are valued for their work. The main pillar of the brand is men’s street fashion. HEVEN combines above-average authenticity with a passion for tailoring.


Three language versions were created – German, English and Polish. The cooperation was very fruitful and the result can be seen at hevenmadeonearth.com . We also encourage you to carefully buy clothes in accordance with Fairtrade , which, as already explained – can be done at this manufacturer!

Heven wizualizacja strony - desktop + mobile

Scope of work:

  • Website implementation according to the client’s concept
  • Google ADS campaigns,
  • Marketing activities in social media
  • Implementation of an advertising wall, counter and rollup
  • Design of advertising gadgets

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