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Graphic design

Not so long ago, our graphic designers had the opportunity to prove themselves in the implementation of the logo for LiquidEnergy , which took place as a result of our winning a tender organized by the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area. After a detailed analysis of the design guidelines and the very nature of the business, it was clear that the logo must be organic.


Thanks to our experience with other projects related to ecology, such as “ Eco-Sense ”, we knew very well how to take a bite of it. Ecology was to go hand in hand here with the topic of bio-gas as a fuel , thanks to which we can effectively reduce pollution of the seas, with the potential for later expansion of activities not only by sea, but also by road. At that time, the main goal of the project is to make significant changes to the waters – convince fishermen to change the propulsion of their boats to bio-gas engines.


We have created seven carefully thought-out concepts of the sign, one of which in particular captivated our client, and on its basis, after prior approval, we created a visual identification book that describes how the logotype can and must not be used, so that its use is always consistent with design art.


Client: Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area, LiquidEnergy Project

Wizualizacja przykładowej strony WWW dla LiquidEnergy
Budowa logotypu LiquidEnergy
Wizaualizacja papieru firmowego dla LiquidEnergy

Scope of work:

  • Getting to know the purpose of the project, brainstorming on the basis of keywords
  • Verification of the competition market in terms of the mark to ensure uniqueness
  • Creation of seven main logotype proposals
  • Polishing the logo design chosen by the client
  • Creating a book of visual identification
  • Creation of additional visualizations

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