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Web Portal for the Kociewie region - kociewie24.eu - Scharmach Consulting

Scharmach Consulting

Realization of the portal kociewie24.eu

Graphic design and implementation of the kociewie24.eu portal

The investor came to us with the idea of ​​implementing a portal that would delight all municipalities within Kociewie, while being a great advertisement place for local entrepreneurs and an even better guide for people who want to take advantage of all the attractions that our wonderful region offers. This is how a very extensive internet portal, kociewie24.eu, was created.


The website will show you how to spend your free time in an attractive way, where to eat, where to stay overnight, and ultimately – we will also buy souvenirs directly on the website. Readers will not miss any important event in the region, because it is equipped with an event calendar. The system is equipped with a geolocation module , thanks to which we can find interesting objects in our vicinity, which is designed to save tourists’ time when planning activities.


The portal is also a place from which we can learn a lot about the culture of the region itself – traditional costumes, nature, the Kociewie dialect, embroidery, or, for example, about famous people who were born here. We will also find a section with a very meaningful name “Plachandry z Kociewie”, devoted to regional legends and stories.


The portal allows local entrepreneurs to place free business cards of free nature, but also gives the opportunity to purchase extended packages, offering numerous benefits. There is also an advertising section.

In the footer of the website, there are also links to numerous.

Realizacja portalu kociewie24.eu

Scope of work:

  • Graphic design of the portal
  • Creation of a logotype
  • Implementation of a responsive version of the portal along with the development of a mobile version
  • Development of a geolocation module that indicates nearby attractions
  • Further development

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