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Advertising gadgets

Advertising gadgets are quite inconspicuous tools for the promotion and success of every major company . They are not conspicuous, but customers, for example by writing with a pen with the name of your company, will associate it from somewhere. Curiosity may trigger a search, and then you may find that your company has something to offer. Gadgets work like secret agents – we don’t realize they exist, but they do. These types of products do not have to be an ordinary pen or a mug, they can even be headphones with your logo . In fact, everything can be branded somehow, you just need a good idea. We have made thousands of great gadgets for our clients that help to promote business in an effective but imperceptible way.

Advertising gadgets complete the corporate image by filling the space around the client, who can surround himself with useful trinkets with the print of the company with which he cooperates. An advertising gadget is usually a small item with an advertising imprint containing text or graphics of a company that is interested in commissioning the production of advertising gadgets. However, an advertising gadget is not always something small, because, for example, headphones are already an object larger than a pen, but also in this case it is possible to label the product and use it in the form of an advertising gadget. The main task of advertising gadgets is to promote, disseminate and advertise the company.It should be noted that advertising gadgets, which are a small useful detail, are more popular due to the lower cost and problem-free nature of the product itself.

In the production of advertising gadgets, an important issue is also the appropriate preparation of the project and the selection of appropriate advertising graphics. There is much less space on a pen than on a mug, so advertising pens are often marked only with a logo or text, and on the mugs you can try to be more creative.

Kubek dla M3 Nieruchomości
Promotional mug for M3 Real Estate.
Koszulki dla Gościniec Konopielka
T-shirts for Gościniec Konopielka.
Balony reklamowe dla Kula Bowling Starogard Gdański
Advertising balloons for Kula Bowling Starogard Gdański.

Choosing the right advertising gadgets for your business can be difficult , not because it is a difficult task as such, but because the multitude of products that can be an advertising gadget is quite large and it’s just hard to decide. The most popular advertising gadgets are pens, mugs or lanyards – we wrote about it above. However, there is more to it and below we present a short list of advertising gadgets that we can make for our clients:

  • Pens with an imprint
  • Lanyards with a print
  • Mugs with print
  • Balloons with print
  • Thermal mugs with print
  • Thermoses with an imprint
  • Balls with print
  • Key rings with imprint
  • Pencils with imprint
  • T-shirts with print
  • Caps with print

The above are examples of advertising gadgets, of which there are many more. We even mentioned headphones with print, there are also mascots or even bottle openers and pocket knives , so it all depends on what the customer needs. We can make trinkets with a print or go much further and prepare branded gift sets . We even have the option of organizing advertising coffee on request. All these variants will fulfill their task, but of course, will have a diametrically different impression, because basically everyone has seen a pen with an imprint , but not everyone has received a branded gift set, and not to mention the advertising coffee.

Our experience shows that it is worth choosing simple solutions when it comes to advertising gadgets , and if you want to organize a gift set, you should examine the needs of recipients or choose neutral products that will not bring you dissatisfaction. We provide our clients with professional advice, as well as the preparation of gadgets from start to finish, including design, production and delivery.

Small details should also be taken care of

We are going back a bit to the example of this pen, because it is a perfect example of an advertising gadget, which is a small detail in the everyday life of many people, be it in the office or at home. By taking care of such a small detail, you can make people – your potential customers – associate your company from somewhere. Our experience with gadgets is huge and has always brought a positive effect. Ask us for a free quote for your company.

Working with many agencies causes many problems, and most importantly, it generates costs much higher than having one partner for comprehensive support. In addition to service costs, the most important and is time. We shorten the time to a minimum so that our clients can focus on what is most important to them.
As a full-service marketing agency we solve many problems related to the promotion of products or services, including:
  • We help in developing a strategy that will help achieve your marketing goals.
  • We design and implement advertising campaigns, such as TV, print, online, etc.
  • We create graphic creations and design promotional materials such as identities, banners, catalogs, etc.
  • We deal with building the company’s image, crisis management, event organization, etc.
  • We plan and implement online campaigns, such as advertising campaigns in social media, positioning websites, etc.
  • We build online solutions, such as websites, landing pages, shops, B2B, e-commerce, etc.
  • We conduct market research and analyze data to better understand customers and the markets in which the company operates.
  • We help companies build a strong brand and achieve success on the market through comprehensive marketing services.



Our activities are based on automated marketing activities, effectively implementing the intended steps. By implementing these solutions today, we generate real profits for your business.

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