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Sponsored articles

Sponsored articles are a type of content prepared on request, which is later posted on a medium (portal, website) with a sufficient amount of internet traffic to be able to offer the service of publishing such an article at all. In such an article, of course, a mention is made about the client, however, its content must be interesting and helpful for the reader – an article that is only a boorish advertisement has no place.

If a sponsored article is not interesting with its content, and the time spent by the reader reading it is too short, the value of such an article is nil – it can even be said to be harmful to the client. Therefore, you should carefully select the people who will prepare such articles and you should also carefully select the portals on which they will be published, as it is also part of SEO activities. We used to snort with dissatisfaction at the sound of the words sponsored article, because we get the impression that such content will not bring anything worthwhile and in fact you can come across such sponsored articles that are really not worth your attention. The problem is that a good sponsored article primarily provides valuable content and information, and only then presents an advertisement.

What are the benefits for the client if advertising seems to be in second place? The point is that valuable and useful content itself attracts a large number of readers, and you will necessarily read the advertisement in the article if it corresponds to the topic of the article. For example, a sponsored article about oil change intervals and an oil change guide may have an advertisement for engine oils and oil filters – a good combination that provides valuable knowledge on the subject along with information on where to buy useful products. Well-prepared sponsored articles provide readers with useful information, and bring long-term benefits for the client.

Sponsored articles

The best results are achieved by working with specialists and in the case of sponsored articles is no different. An important aspect of the article is valuable content, but apart from the content, there are several factors that determine the success of such an action.

You can prepare the content yourself, even if you have the time and knowledge to do so. However, placing the article on appropriate websites is equally important – we have access to a database of over 60,000 such websites and portals. If you place a sponsored article in a place that is not visited by internet users, then the article will not have any effect. It will be similar if the text of the article is technically poorly prepared – after all, it is also an SEO text and here you also have to stick to certain rules. The best solution is to entrust this task to us. Ask us for a free quote.

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