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Tutorials are another example of content marketing. They can confidently function as part of a corporate blog, but guides can also be organized into a specific encyclopedia of knowledge. Thanks to the guides, it becomes possible to educate readers and potential customers in the scope of their interest or in the scope strictly related to our activity.

The guide offers the reader the secret of expert knowledge in a given industry. Of course, you can also cover the whole topic in a series of guides. Does it sometimes make a potential customer do everything himself? Perhaps, but you should remember about the important factors such as time and experience, as well as the right tools. You can write a guide on how to compose, for example, your own perfume. The information contained therein will attract hobbyists who will generate valuable traffic, and as a result, you will also reach people interested in their own compositions, but without the time and experience to take care of it – this will be a potential customer. Scenarios vary. The point is, it’s worth sharing knowledge to show that we really do have it.

It should be remembered that expert knowledge and experience are gained over many years. You were also definitely looking for knowledge in your industry and you did not immediately become an expert, and this is what it is all about – passing some knowledge to laymen will not make them experts, but it may show that you know your stuff and convince your audience that it is worth taking advantage of Your offer.

The development of the guide is also a great opportunity to provide even more valuable content for your clients, or simply Internet users who can become them. Valuable content brings more traffic to the website and influences the SEO of the website, so it’s worth working on it in every possible way. Sooner or later, investing in helpful tips will result in an increase in the turnover of any business.


Tutorials are a great way to educate your readers, whether they are already your customers or will be. Even if they do not become such, they also generate valuable traffic in search of valuable information. Valuable traffic will always have a positive impact on the condition of your company’s website on the Internet and sooner or later it will bring even greater benefits.

If you have knowledge that you would like to share, but creating guides is not your strong point, contact us. Similarly, if you would like to create guides related to your industry, but you have no idea for it. We will help, we will create. Start by asking for a free quote.

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