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Advertising walls

Advertising walls are advertising systems used primarily at various conferences and trade fairs. Simply put, it is a frame – a metal structure – on which we place graphics that can be printed on a textile material or also on PVC panels. Depending on the system, the material with graphics can be stretched or attached to the wall, all these solutions obviously have their advantages and disadvantages. Advertising wall systems are used by a wide variety of companies from equally different industries. The wall can be placed at the hotel’s reception desk, at a press conference, or even in the hall of the city hall. An interesting solution is also the replacement of the graphics with a green material, which we get the so-calledGreen Screen . Such a green screen is useful when filming video materials in which, with later processing, the green background is changed to another with the use of computer programs, and it is equally useful when taking photographs.

Nevertheless, the main function of advertising walls is, as the name suggests, an advertising function, as well as a promotional or presentation function . Advertising walls can be combined with stands or promotional counters, thus creating promotional stands . The dimensions of the advertising walls start from about 240 cm in width, so if you decide to buy such an advertising system, you can organize a professional promotional stand at a relatively low cost . Advertising walls are also available in two-sided variants , so in certain cases a double stand can be made. In addition to their promotional function in a commercial context, advertising walls can also serve as presentation wallsor as a background for taking photos. Such solutions are eagerly used by offices, schools and universities when organizing various types of events, such as city days, sports or social events.

For many years, we have been providing our clients with high-quality advertising walls and advising on what works best for a given task. Sometimes a wall is not necessary, and sometimes it is the best possible solution. We have already made thousands of walls and we have a wide group of satisfied customers.

Ścianka reklamowa dla The Amber Body
Advertising wall for The Amber Body.
Ścianka reklamowa dla Kraina Lasów i Jezior
Visualization of an advertising wall for the Land of Forests and Lakes.
Ścianka reklamowa dla GLOBAL PROSPECT Sp. z o.o
Advertising wall for GLOBAL PROSPECT Sp. z o. o

Our company is valued due to our comprehensive offer for the sale of advertising walls , as well as the quality of products and the guarantee we give to our exhibition systems. Customers ordering advertising walls from us can count on their comprehensive implementation from A to Z. This means that we are able to make a graphic design of such a wall, and then make a printout and provide a suitable structure on which the printout will be mounted. If this is our client’s request, we can also provide separate components of this system, i.e. a graphic design can be ordered separately, a printout can be ordered separately and the advertising wall structure and various accessories for them can also be ordered separately. You can also combine these components, e.g. a new design with a printout, and the structure remains the same, the new design matches the old printout, and so on.

Our offer of advertising walls also includes a wide selection of the type of advertising walls. There are simple textile walls, Pop-Up advertising walls, Hop-Up walls, as well as magnetic modular solutions. Of the latter, quite extensive stands as well as interesting graphic constructions can be made. It should be noted that advertising walls are display systems intended for indoor use and it is not recommended to use them outdoors. We recommend that you consider any cases of using an advertising wall outdoors on your own, because theoretically, in good weather and on a stable surface, you could place such a wall, but as it was mentioned – the system is not intended for this.Of course, you can use an advertising wall in conjunction with an advertising tent – also included in our offer – which will protect the wall against wind and unfavorable weather conditions.

Advertising walls tailored to your needs

A wall may be just what you need, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you know that you need a specific advertising wall, just tell us what is needed and we will quote it for free. If you have an idea, but you do not know whether the wall will be a good choice, then also write to us and tell us what the advertising system is intended for, and we will try to choose something suitable for free.

Gallery of selected projects

Working with many agencies causes many problems, and most importantly, it generates costs much higher than having one partner for comprehensive support. In addition to service costs, the most important and is time. We shorten the time to a minimum so that our clients can focus on what is most important to them.
As a full-service marketing agency we solve many problems related to the promotion of products or services, including:
  • We help in developing a strategy that will help achieve your marketing goals.
  • We design and implement advertising campaigns, such as TV, print, online, etc.
  • We create graphic creations and design promotional materials such as identities, banners, catalogs, etc.
  • We deal with building the company’s image, crisis management, event organization, etc.
  • We plan and implement online campaigns, such as advertising campaigns in social media, positioning websites, etc.
  • We build online solutions, such as websites, landing pages, shops, B2B, e-commerce, etc.
  • We conduct market research and analyze data to better understand customers and the markets in which the company operates.
  • We help companies build a strong brand and achieve success on the market through comprehensive marketing services.



Our activities are based on automated marketing activities, effectively implementing the intended steps. By implementing these solutions today, we generate real profits for your business.

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