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Product descriptions

Product descriptions are especially important for the e-commerce industry, mainly online stores. A well-described product can buy a customer. If the buyer does not find the information he is interested in in the product description, he continues looking. They persist in searching, but you won’t know about those who just kept looking.

The product description tells the customer what they need to know before making a purchase. If the description is unreliable and laconic, the customer may go to another store. This is because a good description also inspires the customer’s trust. Product description also affects positioning results, as each product and its description can be a good source of keywords and valuable content. If we limit ourselves to technical data only, in some cases there will probably be enough information, but it is always worth briefly but concisely describing a given product – what it is made of, what it is for, and who can use it. These are simple things, but they can be amazingly effective.

For example, when you sell ordinary chairs, you can make a technical data list and stop there. They will probably sell. However, if you try harder and describe in detail what it is made of and how it is complex, you will provide potential buyers with valuable information, for example about the durability of your product. If you also present an application suggestion that, for example, it is perfect for an office or school, you will notice an increase in interest among these buyers. Why? Because such customers can search for products by entering specific phrases, e.g. a strong school chair. If you do not describe such an example of use, a customer interested in buying a chair for school may not come to you.

Product descriptions

Good product descriptions have more technical nuances than you might think. And for good reason, as they are very effective. You may not believe it, but we’ve tested it and speak from experience.

Of course, you may not have time to create a product description that is technically correct and SEO-compliant. Therefore, one of our services is the preparation of professional product descriptions. Contact us and we will prepare a free quote for you.

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