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A good logo attracts attention and evokes appropriate associations with a given brand.

Designing a graphic sign in such a way that it evokes appropriate associations in the recipients is not a simple task, even if the final effect is neat and simple. The process behind any well-made logo is more complicated and time-consuming than you might think. The beginning of each logo design is an honest conversation with the client about what tasks the logo is to perform and to whom it should go. For this purpose, we need to find out, among other things, in which industry our client operates, who his competitors are, who are the recipients of his product and how the logo should affect them. Collecting and analyzing this data allows us to start the initial creation of the logo concept.

The stage of working on the initial concept is a creative brainstorming from which ideas emerge, which are later selected, and we create proposals for the client from the best. The ideas that arise are best sketched to present a general outline and ideas which, if they coincide with the assumptions of a given project, are later transformed into an actual project proposal. There are usually more than one proposals that we present to the client, and they can also be proposals derived from various initial concepts. Nevertheless, at this stage, the client already receives a logo proposal from which one will be selected for final refinement.

The final stage during which we will refine the created graphic symbol is fine-tuning the details. We check how the logo works in different color variants, we analyze its layout and prepare several variations of which the best one will also be selected. The fully approved project is finally saved to the appropriate vector and raster formats. It is also advisable to develop at least a basic brand book, which is a document explaining how to use the prepared logo.

The guarantee of creating a perfect logo is employment of the best specialists.

Contact us if you need to create a logo that will ensure your success in business. Regardless of whether you already have your concept or are just thinking about it, our team will help you implement this idea or present specially developed solutions.

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