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Without a website, it is still possible to function somehow, but our experience and all other signs in heaven and earth show that consumers are looking for information on the Internet about companies or brands and products they are interested in. The lack of such a website does not necessarily mean a loss of consumer confidence, but it can be a big negative for the company’s image. You should think about it from the perspective of the consumer – if he does not get information about a given product from his friends, he will take out the phone and look on the Internet, because it will be the easiest. If he doesn’t find anything, there’s a good chance he’ll just drop the topic.

It is better if a potential customer even finds a simple basic website than not to find any information about the product, company or brand that interested him. Here, too, the issue of matching a website to a business appears, because not every project needs a complicated and extensive internet portal , and it may turn out that a simple business card page or the so-called landing page. In both of these cases, however, it is necessary to ensure aesthetic and correct appearance.Finding the company’s website on the Internet is one thing, and the correct transfer of information by this website is another. If it turns out that the person concerned is not able to find the information they are interested in, because the page scares us off with its unsightly appearance and chaotic organization of information, the effect will be similar to the fact that the page was not found at all.

Thanks to a professional website, you will not only convince potential customers or contractors, but also save time . All thanks to the fact that on your website you can include information that customers usually ask about. You can also include descriptions of standard services, activities or situations. This will allow the client to get the information he needs, and the person who would explain it will save a lot of time without having to do it or, ultimately, only complete the information that was missing and dispel doubts.

Strona internetowa dla Programu do Zarządzania Produkcją Flow Vision
Website for the Flow Vision Production Management Program.
Strona internetowa - produktowa dla wytwórcy wódki Biała Orlica
Website - a product website for the Biała Orlica vodka producer.
Strona internetowa dla producenta opon bieżnikowanych Colmec
Website for the Colmec retread tire manufacturer

We can deal with the preparation of websites comprehensively, from the implementation of concepts and designs to the final implementation, launch and commissioning of a working website. We can also perform unit services, i.e. implement and launch a previously designed website, or just design a website and deliver it to the client for implementation. We can also carry out modernizations or complete abandoned projects if we find it possible. It all depends on what our client wants.

Of course, we start each project with establishing details and an interview on what the future website should look like or what are the expectations regarding the modernization or modification of websites. After arranging the details and conducting a thorough interview, we can start work. The design work on the website is based on the information that we get from the client, and of course we enrich it with our own experience. In the absence of information or a vision of what the website should look like, we will suggest our own suggestions for which we will have to obtain approval in order to be able to continue working. First, we prepare a graphic designto present the real shape of the website, which at this stage can still be freely modified. The graphic design is presented to the client and consulted with him, and after all necessary changes and refinement have been made, we hand over the final version for the client’s approval. Only after the client’s approval regarding the graphic design of the website can we proceed to programming and implementation. Changes at this stage of work may be difficult to make, apart from pure cosmetics.

The programming work on the website transfers the graphic vision to a working and functional system. At this stage, we also test all necessary and additional functionalities, as well as introduce the content provided – we can also commission the preparation of the content or make it ourselves. The website begins to exist on the web and we are able to provide the client with a working address for viewing the progress of work. After completing the programming work, we provide the website prepared in such a way for final approval by the client. In the end, all that’s left is the final implementation and launch of the website at the destination address.

It is worth taking care of your good presence on the Internet, just as you take care of your image in the traditional form.

The world is constantly rushing forward and it does not seem that the internet and its sites will suddenly cease to exist, so if you do not have a website yet, it is definitely worth taking care of. As we have already mentioned – it does not have to be a complicated portal, but even a simple business card website. We will advise you on the form of the website to choose during the design process.

On the other hand, if you already have a website, it is definitely worth refreshing or expanding it, or carrying out an analysis of its transparency and understanding for the user. There will always be something to improve.

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Working with many agencies causes many problems, and most importantly, it generates costs much higher than having one partner for comprehensive support. In addition to service costs, the most important and is time. We shorten the time to a minimum so that our clients can focus on what is most important to them.
As a full-service marketing agency we solve many problems related to the promotion of products or services, including:
  • We help in developing a strategy that will help achieve your marketing goals.
  • We design and implement advertising campaigns, such as TV, print, online, etc.
  • We create graphic creations and design promotional materials such as identities, banners, catalogs, etc.
  • We deal with building the company’s image, crisis management, event organization, etc.
  • We plan and implement online campaigns, such as advertising campaigns in social media, positioning websites, etc.
  • We build online solutions, such as websites, landing pages, shops, B2B, e-commerce, etc.
  • We conduct market research and analyze data to better understand customers and the markets in which the company operates.
  • We help companies build a strong brand and achieve success on the market through comprehensive marketing services.



Our activities are based on automated marketing activities, effectively implementing the intended steps. By implementing these solutions today, we generate real profits for your business.

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