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Small format printing

The term small-format printing is used to define all small-format printouts – it seems quite obvious. The best known example of small-format printing are leaflets and business cards that practically everyone has contact with, because they are hosted in virtually all companies, both small and large.

Apart from the obvious leaflets and business cards, we can also include catalogs, brochures, folders and calendars as small-format printing . There are many more products and it is difficult to list them all, but their common feature is a relatively small and portable format.

Our offer also includes comprehensive printing services in the field of small-format printing . By comprehensive printing services in this field, we mean the preparation of a complete product for A to Z, that is, simply speaking, from the preparation of a professional graphic design to the highest quality printouts in the required volume. We start the design process by examining the client’s needs and expectations in order to develop precise guidelines that are necessary to prepare a professional graphic design. The more precise guidelines we are able to obtain, the faster the design process will run and, at the same time, we will be able to start the production process faster.

Of course, if the client already has a well-thought-out vision of the project, then we limit ourselves to specifying the details and presenting possible proposals for changes based on our experience and current trends that can be accepted and implemented, but do not have to. The key to understanding and achieving success in the preparation of professional projects and small-format prints is appropriate communication in which we place great emphasis on making the received guidelines as detailed as possible. By clearly drawing the guidelines at the stage of discussing the project, we save time for ourselves and our clients, reducing the risk of making constant corrections. All this makes our clients extremely satisfied with our professional services .

Galeria Neptun - Gazetka Showroom Okładka
Showroom magazine prepared for Galeria Neptun in Starogard.
Gazetka Showroom przygotowana dla Starogardziej Galerii Neptun.
Ulotka LHM Aviation
Leaflet for LHM Poland.

As we mentioned, the offer in the field of small-format printing includes small prints. These are prints, the format of which usually does not exceed 50 cm on the long side, although it is not a hard border. For example, a print width of 51 cm could also qualify for this category. The division into small-format and large-format printing results not only from the physical size of the printout itself, but also from the machines that are needed to make such prints. To make it easier to imagine the situation, a small format printing device can also be called an ordinary home printer. It takes up little space and usually handles A4 sheets. For large format printing, the device itself can take up 10 times as much space as an ordinary home printer, because such machines often print, for example, banners, where dimensions start from 100 cm wide and more.

How can you briefly list specific products representing the scope of small format printing? There is quite a lot of it, but to make it easier, we will define the following products as small- format printing :

  • Business cards
  • Leaflets
  • Posters below A2 format
  • Advertising catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Newspapers
  • Calendars
  • Notebooks
  • Vouchers
  • Loyalty cards
  • Business briefcases
  • Stickers
  • Labels

This is not all, but it allows us to visualize the real dimension of small-format printing that we are able to perform for our clients.

Small-format printouts are like small representatives of your business who, acting unnoticed, spread brand awareness among customers.

Certainly, there have been many times when someone calls your company thanks to a small flyer or business card that you left with your client in person or in a package with the product. They are really small things, but have a tremendous power of distinction when used in the right way. It is thanks to these small nuances that you make yourself known to your customers and you are more remembered by them. It’s even better when you can work with people who know these things. Ask us for a free quote!

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