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Positioning of online stores

When you have an online store, you should take care of its accessible appearance and the most intuitive operation, but that’s not all!

Do you also have to take care of the assortment? Yes, that’s right, but that’s still not all. Research shows that Internet users use search engines to search for products of interest to them, and 60% start with the first position displayed – moreover, the vast majority of users only view the first two pages of search results. These data clearly indicate where the online store should look for its customers .

You can already see that in order for an Internet business to be successful, it must first of all be visible. The beautiful website of an online store will not work if no one sees it! That is why the high position of an online store in organic search results is so important – it is one of the most important measures of the success of online stores . For the same reason, organic positioning is one of the best methods of advertising on the Internet, because the more users see your online store on the first page of google search, the more hits you will get and the more potential customers will get to know your store.

The high organic position in the search engine is influenced by many different factors, one of such factors is also the loading speed of the online store. Did you know that almost 50% of users give up visiting your store if the loading time is longer than 5 seconds? In the organic positioning process of an online store, we analyze many aspects of its operation, including loading time. Key phrases are important in organic positioning, but without an efficient and well-optimized store, they may not be enough, just as a beautiful store is not enough if you can’t see it.

Pozycjonowanie sklepów internetowych

In order for a business on the Internet to start properly, it must first become visible. In our service, we will take care of all the details that will make your online store appear on the first page of google search results.

Many years of work in organic positioning allowed us to gain experience and proven methods, thanks to which we are able to launch into orbit around the Earth, and sometimes even further, even buried in the depths of the Internet, make them start to develop and bring the desired profits. For online stores that are already functioning and doing quite well, our intervention can mean an increase of up to 60% per year – even without counting, you can see that it pays off. Ask us for a free quote and let’s start cooperation!

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