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Product campaigns are a specific advertising campaign typically focused on selling products in online stores. They display basic information about the product, such as name and price, and lead directly to the store’s purchase card, where you can make a transaction.

We are dealing with a constantly increasing share of the e-commerce market in consumer and B2B purchases. It does not seem that this trend is going to change and while traditional shopping will probably stay with us, online shopping will have a much greater share. We are already dealing with a really large number of transactions concluded via the Internet, but in order for the transaction to even take place, the buyer and the seller must somehow meet in a virtual space. There are different ways to do this, and one of them is Google’s Shopping Campaigns. They are characterized by high efficiency and low cost of customer acquisition. In addition, thanks to purchasing campaigns, we specifically reach a wide group of people interested in purchasing certain products.

After launching the Google shopping campaign, the promoted products appear at the very top of the search list, just above the organic results. The products are specifically tailored to the customer’s inquiry, for example, if the customer is looking for socket wrenches and enters such a phrase in the google search engine, if you have such a product in your offer and we launch such a campaign for your store, your product will appear on the search list of a customer interested in buying socket wrenches , and after clicking on your product, it goes directly to your store where it can make a purchase. A simple and extremely effective method.

Product campaigns are a type of advertising that we especially recommend to all online stores and e-commerce businesses, regardless of the industry. We work with online stores with a wide range of products. These can be clothes, electronics, or even heating systems – if they are in an online store, thanks to purchasing campaigns, we can effectively drive the sale of any assortment.

Kampanie Google Ads

Shopping campaigns are one of the most effective ways to increase sales in your online store. Regardless of whether your store is just starting to sell or you already have a certain constant turnover, thanks to purchasing campaigns we can increase it many times.

We achieve the best results of the campaign thanks to the correct configuration of the campaign itself, as well as analytics that we connect to research the effects and introduce optimization, so that the campaign can work even better and bring even greater benefits. We also have experience with purchasing campaigns from our own e-commerce ventures, so we know the issue from all sides. Contact us and let’s start cooperation!

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