Daveco is a reliable and stable partner for transport businesses. For over 15 years, it has been dealing with comprehensive fleet management, and the sale and distribution of tires alone is not enough for them. In his actions, he values long-term cooperation, because he believes that it translates into mutual benefits. And we sign it. Here, we were responsible for the preparation of the logo, a comprehensive brand book, as well as servicing the Social Media channels.



Our action plan was based on creating a visual project characterized by originality and uniqueness of the message. So we started with the logo and colors, and ended up with elements such as patterns, fonts and other graphic elements. All this so that our project has a consistent and professional look. Thanks to this, we are sure that the brand will significantly stand out from the competition and will remain in the memory of potential customers for a long time.


A brand that has a coherent graphic concept strengthens its message much more among various types of advertising campaigns. And this aspect was also very important to us, because it was up to us to initially support the company on SM channels. In our project, we took into account the needs and expectations of our target group to make sure that the message will reach them “in the right place and time”.

The effects of our marketing activities can be viewed at: All our assumptions were achieved only thanks to effective analysis in terms of user experience.

Our specialists in graphic activities have created a project that meets the requirements of a given transport industry, from initial concepts to final tests and corrections. Thanks to this, we were able to create a project that is a perfect combination of the client’s requirements and the experience of specialists. We are ready to further cooperate and improve our graphic activities so that the brand is always one step ahead of the competition.

Let's work together to bring your ideas to life. ​