EY Academy of Business Poland is one of the largest training institutions in Poland, offering a wide range of courses, training and business development programs for entrepreneurs, managers and specialists in various industries. Our agency has been entrusted with the responsibility for the design and implementation of advertising walls. In this case, “practice combined with theory” worked flawlessly, because we were able to create a concept that fully reflects the character of the brand and attracts the attention of potential customers. Advertising walls were placed in strategic points of the EY Academy of Business Poland, such as training rooms or reception. Thanks to this, everyone who visits the institution has the opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of training and courses offered by the Academy. Thanks to properly designed advertising walls, the brand gained greater recognition, while we were able to present our skills in practice, gain valuable experience and expand our client portfolio.

Client: EY Academy of Business Poland
Scope: Technical support, design and implementation of advertising walls

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