Fit Monica is a brand that specializes in a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. In 2021, the company decided to create a new brand image, including a new logo and website. Just as a sprinter needs proper training, perseverance and dedication to succeed, the specialists in a marketing agency need determination, determination and work to succeed in their business.

Our agency accepted the task with great commitment and paid special attention to the client’s needs and expectations. We set ourselves the goal of creating a modern and attractive logo and a functional website that will attract the attention of customers and make it easier for them to use the company’s offer. First, we started designing a new logo for the Fit Monica brand. We have created many variants to provide the client with the opportunity to choose the best solution. Our designs have been made with great care and attention to detail to meet the client’s expectations and create a logo that will fully reflect her vision of running a business.

The next stage of design was the website. We started working on its design, paying particular attention to technical aspects, functionality and appearance. Our team used the latest technologies to create a responsive website that can be conveniently viewed on various devices. The design of the site has been prepared to be in line with the latest trends in the field of web design. After accepting the projects, we proceeded to the implementation and implementation live. Within a few weeks, we created a new logo and website that met Monika’s expectations in 100%.

Our actions allowed us to obtain a coherent and modern image of the Fit Monica brand, which encourages customers to practice physical activity and take care of their health.

Client: Monika Michalowska
Scope: Logo and website design, including implementation.

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