We don’t implement hospital websites very often, let alone our hometown hospitals. However, the new website has been prepared in two language versions based on the UX previously prepared by our graphic studio, which significantly exceeds the old website in terms of appearance and responsiveness, which unfortunately was missing on the old website.



The hospital in Starogard boasts over 100 years of tradition in caring for people with mental disorders, it has been operating since 1895. The advantages of the hospital include beautifully maintained green areas, a park, well-maintained walking paths, volleyball, football and basketball courts, which provide patients with great outdoor recreation and rehabilitation opportunities. Health services are provided by qualified medical personnel.


Modern looking website and suitable for almost any device. The cooperation has not yet been completed and will probably continue for a long time, as we are planning further projects for the Hospital in Kocborów. We encourage you to view the website at: http://www. kocborowo. pl/ (the new page will be moved soon, for now you can view the older version).

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