Production and Trade Company Telmax is a manufacturer of Korona Golden Crown cigarette tubes and a distributor of tobacco accessories, combining the highest quality of its products with an affordable purchase price. The company has over 10 years of experience on the market, thanks to which it has built a stable distribution network over the years. In a word, he is the tiger of his business. The challenge of working with this company was huge, but nothing is impossible for us! Therefore, in accordance with our motto, we took care to treat it truly “in a royal way”.



We knew that this brand had to have top-shelf designs, literally “top of the top”. First of all, it should be characterized by both simplicity and excellent quality of its message. Therefore, developing a good and reliable strategy in this case turned out to be crucial. We started with the preparation of a logo for the brand, product photos, all issues related to graphic visualizations and a comprehensive website designed in accordance with the user-centred approach. We worked meticulously to ensure that the brand was consistent and in line with what the client expected from us.

Finally, we implemented a full marketing plan, taking into account technical and sales issues, generating an increase in distribution. We measured user behavior to optimize the conversion rate, which converted visitors into buyers. We have the impression that we have used the potential of Telmax to the maximum. We are grateful for your trust and open to more and more new projects, because it is on our side that the customer, using the services of your brand, will want to get to know it more and, as a result, buy the products offered.

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