Imagine that you are walking on Lake Como in Italy, with undoubtedly one of the most magical sunsets in the background, and in the air you can smell freshly baked croissants from a nearby cafe and a gentle breeze that puts you in a calm mood. This is the clothing brand “Pansini Gaetano”, which on the clothing market is distinguished by its unconventional approach to the subject of fashion with a touch of Italian temperament. Its founder is an Italian who has been living in Poland for over 5 years and appreciates unconventional style, quality and comfort.

What had to be done for the newly created brand was to include it in the sales market with previously well-developed technical facilities. Based on numerous analyzes based on user experience, we managed to prepare a brand appropriately selected for the niche, comprehensive graphic identification and optimize the website in terms of advertising campaigns. This Polish-Italian cooperation has only just begun, so we encourage you to follow its activities in SM!

Client: Pansini Gaetano
Scope: Branding: logo, lookbook, brand book, website design and implementation


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