PAPDREW is a Polish company specializing in the production and distribution of office supplies as well as packaging and storage materials. The company decided to refresh its image and turned to us for help. And since we like challenges – we had no doubts to take on this task! Our agency approached it with great commitment and from the very beginning took responsibility for the entire brand rebranding process. At the beginning, we conducted a thorough market and competition analysis to better understand customer expectations and define the brand’s vision. Based on the results of this analysis, we created a new brand image concept that took into account the needs and preferences of customers. Then we started working on refreshing the company’s logo. We decided to keep the colors and form, but we made small changes that allowed us to better match the new vision of the brand. Thanks to this, the logo gained a modern, fresh look, while maintaining its roots. The next stage of work was to design a new product catalog that was to present the company’s offer in a modern and aesthetic way. We paid attention to the fact that the catalog was clear and easy to use, and at the same time it provided complete information about the products. In addition, we designed new packaging, bags and advertising gadgets that perfectly matched the new concept of the brand image. The refreshed logotype, new product catalog as well as new packaging and advertising gadgets are in line with the expectations of customers and have had a positive impact on the company’s image.

Client: Papdrew
Scope: Refreshing the logotype, designing the catalogue, bags, packaging and other gadgets

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