PGZ Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze is one of the most important and respected brands in the aviation industry in Poland. During its long history, the company has created many innovative solutions in the field of aviation, and also provides comprehensive services in the field of modernization, repair and maintenance of aviation equipment. Many years of work on the quality of the services provided brings the expected results. And our Agency is the best example of this. Thanks to the knowledge and experience, our design team was able to create unique projects that met the client’s requirements, as well as were visually attractive and functional. We started our activities with a detailed UX analysis in order to ensure the best possible experience for potential recipients. We wanted the completed exhibition systems to be distinguished by modern design, durability and functionality. After all, properly designed and made exhibition systems allow you to stand out from the competition, attract customers’ attention and present yourself in an attractive and professional way. As part of the UX analysis, we paid special attention to how users approach exhibition ads, what functions are most important to them, as well as what their needs and expectations are. On this basis, we have developed projects that are appropriately tailored to their needs. Cooperation with PGZ Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze was a unique challenge for our agency, but at the same time a great satisfaction. We are glad that we had the opportunity to cooperate with such a prestigious brand and bring our knowledge and experience to the implementation of their projects.

Client: Military Aviation Works No. 1 S.A.
Scope: Technical support, design and implementation of walls, rollups and other exhibition systems.

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