SESVAN is a family business that, with the support of a dedicated team, has built a strong organization with a solid B2B position on the Scandinavian market. Our challenge at that time in terms of cooperation with the client was to create and implement a complete website, practically from A to Z. Of course, not forgetting about the needs and requirements of the local market, which is significantly different from that in Poland. We knew that the region of northern Europe had to be ours!



Initially, we audited the brand on the Scandinavian market, thanks to which we knew exactly how to act. We specified the target group and created a marketing strategy. Then we translated the real problems and questions of consumers into the language of the Internet search engine – that is, into key phrases. Next, we planned the structure of the subpages, based on previously developed keywords. The next step was to design the website in terms of graphics so that the layout of the website had an attractive visual form.

We wanted the website to highlight the most important elements of the client’s service, taking into account hard data obtained at earlier stages of work. We focused on ensuring that it was properly optimized in terms of organic traffic and met the requirements of the Nordic market. In this case, our actions were quite clearly defined. Exhaustive research of the market and its competition, and then, in accordance with the UX, the transition to further action in accordance with the needs of the market.


The SESVAN brand website was built practically from scratch, which was undoubtedly a huge challenge for us. Nevertheless, we undertook this task and took him on the so-called. chest. First of all, our goal was to effectively reach Scandinavian consumers. And so it happened.

We conducted dozens of studies, thanks to which we knew exactly which areas the brand should “hit”. Based on various types of analysis, we created a website that perfectly matched the local market. The strategy adopted by us has been a real success, as evidenced by the results of our activities.

Currently, we continue to support the brand by optimizing its advertising campaigns based on advertising systems such as: Google Ads or Meta Facebook. We provide technical assistance at any time and in case of any problems we are in constant contact with our foreign client.

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