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We follow trends and play with creation. What sets us apart is that we print anything in any format and on any material. We adhere to the principle that design is important, but execution is often much more important.

However, not every printer is of the same opinion. With us, you don’t have to worry about poor print quality or very long lead times. Our printing house guarantees that in reality all designs will be 1:1 as on the computer screen. We use state-of-the-art machines and the best quality inks. Therefore, we take full responsibility, for what you get from us as a result. Into your hands will go a complete product prepared by professionals working for years in the graphics industry. Don’t wait and take a look at our offer!

Small format printing

The term small-format printing is used to define all small-format printouts – it seems quite obvious. The best known example of small-format printing are leaflets and business cards that practically everyone has contact with, because they are hosted in virtually all companies, both small and large.

Large format printing

Large – format printing is defined as such prints that are larger than those that can be easily transferred, but not always! Perhaps the best known examples are billboards and banners . We can see them near expressways, as well as in cities, on the facades of buildings and on fences.

Advertising gadgets

Advertising gadgets are quite inconspicuous tools for the promotion and success of every major company . They are not conspicuous, but customers, for example by writing with a pen with the name of your company, will associate it from somewhere. Curiosity may trigger a search, and then you may find that your company has something to offer.

We proudly presents our PORTFOLIO

We work with clients in Poland and around the world. We provide various solutions
– from graphic designs and websites to exhibition systems, advertising campaigns, and even consulting and marketing support. We make your business flourish. Do you want to know more? Contact us.

Below we present some of our projects.

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